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Vertical integration is the life cycle of the solution from a definition of the problem, to a study of alternative solutions, to the design of geophysical surveys, supervision of data acquisition including onboard processing, supervision of office processing, and assistance in data interpretation.

Horizontal Integration is the combination of various geophysical methods. For example surface towed streamers and ocean bottom nodes. Streamers and nodes are usually considered competing solutions. Geophysical contractors specialize and offer either method. However, if data processing can put the data together these methods are complementary, with nodes covering the minority are that is obstructed or where shear waves are required and streamers cover the majority of the area.

Equipment and Environmental Integration: Unlike this page which is has just vertical and horizontal dimensions, the world is hyper-dimensional. The Equipment is not only the receivers and their deployments, be it in streamer in nodes or in boreholes, but also the sources. Various sources are available as alternatives and in combination. The sources can be deployed simultaneously or sequentially with no time overlap. The environment is an important dimension. Environmental impact has to be taken into consideration when seismic sources are selected and also in selecting and deploying receivers for passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals.

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